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I have purchased Jezzball Classic from the Google Playstore. Do I need to purchase it again for Windows?

Yes, the game is out on iOS, Android and PC but there is no system in place by any of the shops to make purchases on one platform also valid on the other platforms. Sorry.

Ah! You replied. Thanks. Anyway, I have purchased the PC version already.

Paypal is still unable to process a payment for this game. Any other ways to purchase?

Strange, others are able to buy it through PayPal. Not good to hear that some people can't for some reason. Unfortunately there's no other way to buy the game right now.

I paid for this on my credit card but how do I find the JezzBall game?

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The download link (a .zip file) should be on the JezzBall Classic page when you are logged in on your account, above the demo download.

Will this version of JezzBall work on Windows 10? I ask because I have this clasic Jezzball but it won't work with windows 10. Can you confirm and if it doesn't work can I get my money back?

Yes, it's been tested to work on Windows 10. Try downloading the demo before you buy, if the demo works on your system the full version should work as well.

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I'm sorry but the trouble is over at PayPal, I can't help you out. They were simply unable to process your payment, with no reason given. All I can recommend is that you either contact them or try again later. Thank you for your interest in JezzBall Classic!

Não estou conseguindo pagar pelo PAYPAL. Está dando erro! I am not able to pay for PAYPAL. It is showing an error!